These Hands

These Hands

I want to spew gratitude to all the hardworking hands out there.  These hands have journeyed with me since the dawn of my creative path, never faltering. Through all the pain and persistence I demand of these two ladies, they remain steadfast, tireless companions who bring my visions to life.

Recently, I've heard whispers of silversmiths being shamed for showing their gorgeously weathered hands alongside their creations. This is a perception we need to change. Our hands, marred by the toil of our craft, tell the story of our dedication and artistry.

When we shame others for their perceived imperfections, we are often projecting our own insecurities. Instead, let us learn to see our bodies and hands as beings, not objects. It's much easier to speak kindly to something with a name or a soul rather than an inanimate object. It's time to appreciate our imperfections and celebrate the story of our journey and strength.

I once hesitated to display my gritty, unpolished nails to the world. But I made a conscious decision to embrace their raw beauty. The scrapes, cuts, polishing wheel burns, the constant shadow of compounds beneath my fingertips—all these marks are a badge of honor. They remind me that none of this beauty would exist without the unwavering support of our two hands.

I love scrolling through the feed and recognizing fellow artists by their hands alone. Those gritty, unkempt hands reveal the true essence of our craft.

So, let this be a call to action: love yourself, flaws and all. Celebrate the marks that show your journey. Stop shaming others for theirs, and start embracing the beauty in every imperfection. Our hands and bodies are beings worthy of love and respect. Keep showing us those beat-up fingernails and hardened hands. The true story of your craft lies in the fingertips that breathe life into your creations.

I love sharing the journey behind each piece I create. For a deeper look into the intricate process of silversmithing and to understand why my hands are always covered in compounds, follow me on Instagram @twistedgingerjewelry. Join me behind the scenes and experience the art and passion that goes into Twisted Ginger Jewelry.


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