From the Sea to the Studio, The Twisted Ginger Jewelry Journey

From the Sea to the Studio, The Twisted Ginger Jewelry Journey

Hello to all dreamers and creators,

Each week on our small island, amid the quaint routine of collecting mail from PO boxes, I find joy in simple moments—like this Thursday, when I sat down with my coffee and unfolded the local newspaper to discover a two-page spread featuring my journey with Twisted Ginger Jewelry. (Read Full Article Here!) This wasn't just any article; it felt like a milestone, a moment of reflection on a decade-long voyage from sea to studio.

The Spark of Creation: My path wasn't born in a studio but on the waves aboard the R/V Kestrel, a research vessel where, amidst personal grief and the vast ocean, I found solace in twisting wires into shapes and eventually, the gentle glow of a torch. This creative outlet, initially a way to cope, transformed into Twisted Ginger Jewelry. The journey has been anything but ordinary, from a tackle box filled with rudimentary tools to a flourishing business.

A Turning Point: There were moments I almost gave up—during the pandemic, pregnant and drained, I considered selling everything. But then, a podcast from an online business academy caught my ear. It was a call to refine my passion into a profitable venture. This led me to join a business development course, reigniting my passion and reshaping my approach to jewelry making and business. No more expensive hobbyist for me! 

Community and Growth: Since embracing professional growth through Flourish and Thrive Academy courses and engaging with a community of fellow jewelry designers, Twisted Ginger has not just survived but thrived. Sales have grown exponentially, and my online presence has become the cornerstone of my business, complemented by increasing wholesale relationships with stores across Southeast communities and the Pacific Northwest.

Studio by the Sea: From my stateroom on the R/V Kestrel to my damp and dark garage to a shipping container next to my home, my studio has evolved into a sanctuary where creativity meets craftsmanship. Here, in my cozy seaside space lit by lanterns and framed by ocean views, each piece of jewelry begins its life as a sheet of silver until it unfurls into its final creation. This studio isn't just a workplace; it's a testament to what can be achieved with hard work, clear vision, and tenacity!


Empowerment through Artistry: This journey has been more than creating jewelry; it's about crafting a life harmonizing with my dreams and responsibilities as a mother. It's about showing my children and others that the term "starving artist" can be redefined and that creativity can be both a passion and a prosperous career. I want to teach them to follow their heart's compass, no matter where it leads them! 


As I share this story with you, it's not just to recount the steps I've taken but to inspire those who feel that creative pull, to encourage you to chase your dreams with the tenacity and gusto they deserve! Whether through art, writing, or any form of expression, remember that every small step is a part of a more extensive journey, and we never know how our creativity can leave a lasting impact on the world around us.  If something ignites your creativity—go for it! Nothing quite like the fulfillment when your being vibrates with the art you put into the world. It's a healthy, beautiful intoxication that becomes a part of you and can inspire future generations. 

 To everyone who's been part of this journey, thank you for your support and belief in Twisted Ginger Jewelry. If you're inspired by what you've read, I encourage you to explore my collections and join a community of dreamers and people with a passion for finding unique jewelry with intention. My latest Collection embodies so much of the majestic nature of the rainforest, I hope you enjoy the journey through the collection as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Explore My latest creations >> Ethereal Guardian Collection

Our dreams can come true when we choose to chase them! 

With heartfelt thanks and endless inspiration

Erin Kandoll, Silversmith & Dreamer at Twisted Ginger Jewelry


 If you'd like to check out the full article for yourself, here's a link to our local Paper the Petersburg Pilot!

Petersburg Pilot Article>> Twisted Ginger Silversmith Grows Her Business Close to Home!  Written by Olivia Rose

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