Between Twisted Ginger Jewelry and [Client's Full Name] To be signed via DocuSign Prior to the Custom Experience.


Welcome to Twisted Ginger Jewelry, where visions of heirloom-quality, vibrantly unique pieces are brought to life. This agreement signifies the start of a bespoke journey to create a piece of jewelry that transcends being merely an accessory and becomes a part of your legacy.

Description of Custom Jewelry Service

Twisted Ginger Jewelry offers a personalized jewelry experience, combining your vision with meaningful symbolism. We select stones that resonate with you, resulting in a piece that reflects your essence and style. Our unique approach blends vintage charm with innovative designs, catering to the bold and spirited.

Pricing, Deposit, and Payment Terms

Your journey with Twisted Ginger Jewelry begins with a $150 deposit, symbolizing our mutual commitment. This non-refundable deposit initiates your design experience and secures your chosen stone. While this deposit is non-refundable, it marks the start of something truly special. A flexible payment schedule will be provided, with the full amount due upon completion. The final cost is subject to factors like labor hours and design adjustments.

Design Communications and Fees

Each custom creation carries with it a mark of distinction, reflective of the bespoke services I offer. When crafting these one-of-a-kind designs, I carefully consider the time and creativity invested in conceptualizing a piece that's uniquely yours. Custom pieces typically begin at a baseline of $500, with the final cost varying based on your choice of stone and the complexity of the design. Please note that additional fees may be applicable for extensive design sketches and communications that extend beyond the typical scope of our creative process as outlined below. For your convenience, all payments can be seamlessly made through my website, where we accept major credit cards, PayPal, and AfterPay.

Design Process and Timeline

Your custom jewelry journey is shaped by the flow of our waitlist, but rest assured, you'll be kept in the loop at every turn. Typically, the crafting process spans a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Presently, my schedule is booked out for 6 months, reflecting the care and attention dedicated to each bespoke creation. I appreciate your patience and excitement as we work together to bring your vision to life.

Custom Design Options

Inspired by Twisted Ginger's Creations

If my past designs have sparked your imagination, let's harness that inspiration for your custom piece. I invite you to choose 1-5 photos from my website, Custom Gallery, or Instagram @twistedgingerjewelry. Your selections will guide me in understanding the styles, designs, and stones that resonate with you. My collection is a vibrant mosaic of unique creations, each with its own story and character. I hope you'll find a piece that echoes your spirit, setting the stage for our creative collaboration.

In your journey through my designs, I encourage you to identify the type of stone that speaks to your heart. My curated collection ranges from the boldly vibrant to the elegantly subtle, each stone with its own tale and essence. If there's a specific stone you're drawn to but can't find in my collection, please reach out. I'm here to guide you through our treasure trove, ensuring we find the perfect gem for your unique creation.

Based on Your Original Concept

Your creativity is welcome! Whether you bring a detailed sketch or a simple doodle, your ideas are the seeds from which our collaborative design will grow. Artistic prowess is not a requirement; it's your vision and personality that ignite the creative flame. Together, we'll refine your concept, paying close attention to sizes, shapes, and the fine details that will make your piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Please note, while we cherish your originality, we respectfully avoid using other jewelry designers' work as inspiration. Our goal is to forge something that is distinctly ours - a shared vision that blends your ideas with the unique essence of Twisted Ginger Jewelry.

Custom Design with Special Symbolism

Every piece of jewelry has a story, and we want yours to be deeply personal. Share with me the symbols, tales, or connections that hold a special place in your heart. Unsure of how to translate these into a piece of jewelry? That's where our collaborative magic comes in. We'll weave your personal symbols into the design, ensuring that every element of your piece is steeped in meaning and resonates with your soul's narrative.

Revision and Approval Process

Your involvement is vital in our creative process. As we journey together from concept to creation, your feedback and insights are what shape the final piece into a reflection of your unique self. Once your name ascends to the top of our list, I will begin translating our shared vision into a tangible sketch.

  • Design Revisions

    Recognizing the nuances of personal taste, I include up to three revisions in the initial design phase. This collaborative effort ensures that the final piece aligns perfectly with your vision. Detailed feedback from the start will help streamline this process. Should additional revisions be needed, each new sketch will carry a $75 design fee.

  • Post-Sketch Adjustments

    Upon finalizing the design and entering the silverworking phase, any modifications become more complex and resource-intensive. Thus, changes at this stage may attract additional fees of up to $150/hour, plus the costs of materials already used. The intricate nature of the soldering process demands considerable labor and materials, making changes at this stage particularly challenging.

  • Ring Sizing Considerations

    Achieving the perfect fit is paramount, especially for custom rings where resizing can be intricate. The ring should fit comfortably yet securely, allowing for ease of wear. I recommend getting professionally sized at a jewelry store for the most precise measurement, keeping in mind that body temperature can influence ring size.

Delivery Method

Your custom-crafted treasure will be dispatched via fully Insured Priority Mail USPS, ensuring its safe and timely arrival.

  • Cancellation

    If you need to cancel your order, please do so before the design process begins. Cancellations made after design initiation may incur non-refundable fees due to the bespoke nature of our work.

  • Returns

    We offer a partial refund for items returned within 30 days in their unworn, original condition and packaging. Please note that return shipping is not covered by us, and we do not issue refunds until the package has arrived safely back in our hands, so we recommend insuring the return package for the entire value. The initial deposit and the cost of the stone and some materials are non-refundable, though exceptions may be made if the stone can be safely reused.

  • Damages and Exceptions

    In the event of damage during shipment, please contact me immediately. We will address any issues that occurred prior to delivery. Our refund policy is designed to be flexible, taking into account the unique circumstances of each case.

Intellectual Property

The designs we create together are a shared journey, yet the final piece is exclusively yours. All design sketches and collaborative work are the intellectual property of Twisted Ginger Jewelry and are not to be sold or distributed.

Limitation of Liability

We maintain the highest standards in our creations, limiting our liability to the cost of the piece.

Dispute Resolution

We handle any concerns with grace and fairness, in line with our values of empathy and connection.

Agreement Acceptance

By signing below, you're not just acquiring a piece of jewelry; you're embarking on a journey of bold individuality and adventurous spirit with Twisted Ginger Jewelry.