Welcome to the Twisted Ginger Jewelry VIP Experience

Where, the essence of vintage charm fuses with visionary design, creating an exclusive circle where being bold and beautiful is the norm. Our VIP members are more than just subscribers; they are ambassadors of style and connoisseurs of all things turquoise.

The VIP journey together transcends jewelry; it is about creating statements and celebrating individuality.

VIP Perks

First Glance at Mini Collections:

Step into our private shopping community with a 15-minute head start to shop our monthly mini-collections.

Complimentary Shipping on Domestic Orders:

Revel in our collections and receive each piece with elegance and ease, without the burden of shipping costs.

Custom Loyalty Discounts:

Celebrate your journey with us through personalized discounts, a token of gratitude for your enduring passion and loyalty.

Free Gemstone Guide:

Immediately upon sign up, you'll receive a complimentary gemstone guide!

Exclusive Invitations:

Be our esteemed guest to exclusive VIP virtual events. 

Continual Surprises:

Our VIP journey is an evolving adventure, filled with unexpected delights and exclusive benefits, crafted just for you.

Embracing Connections

Embrace the Twisted Ginger Jewelry VIP Experience – it’s not just about emails; it’s about the connections formed here with you. Getting to know you is one of my favorite parts of this journey, so please feel free to respond to any of my emails or let’s connect on Social Media. This space provides more than just a place to showcase my art; it offers a sense of belonging and a community of kindred spirits who share the same passion for jewelry and artistry.