Official Bio

Erin Kandoll, a self-taught Silversmith, has traversed a remarkable journey of over a decade, honing her skills and crafting nature inspired jewelry. Her humble beginnings in the corner of her garage have evolved into a thriving business, culminating in the transformation of an old shipping container into her shoreline studio on a picturesque island in Alaska.

Erin's creations are not just jewelry; they reflect the breathtaking vistas of the temperate rainforest. Each piece is infused with the essence of nature, crafted with a diverse array of high-quality gemstones and her intuitive touch. The result is one-of-a-kind custom jewelry that not only captures the client's spirit but also the beauty of her surroundings.

Erin's craftsmanship has garnered attention far and wide. She has been featured on the influential podcast Thrive by Design, which played a pivotal role in elevating her passion into a successful enterprise. Additionally, her work has graced the pages of Canvas Rebel Magazine , further solidifying her reputation as a luminary in the world of artisanal jewelry.

Style & Life

Her portfolio boasts hundreds of unique heirloom pieces, many of which are characterized by her signature silver-dusted leaf motifs, evoking the ever-present water of the surrounding rainforest. Each creation is a testament to Erin's artistry and reverence for the natural world.

Erin finds joy in exploring the great outdoors with her children when she's not immersed in her craft. Whether embarking on nature hikes or jet boating up the Stikine River for camping and fishing adventures, she cherishes every moment spent embracing Alaska's untamed wilderness. An avid writer, traveler, and photographer, Erin captures the beauty and wonder of the world around her, infusing her life and work with boundless inspiration.

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