Erin Kandoll

Have you ever experienced a profound connection with a piece of jewelry, one that seems to echo your very essence? Much like each of us, each stone embarks on a unique journey, weaving stories of resilience, beauty, and transformation.

When you find that perfect piece, it's as if energies align, celebrating authentic beauty in its purest form. Imagine adornments that don't just decorate but resonate deeply with your inner spirit—a fusion of Earth's splendor and artistic expression.

My creations aspire to encapsulate the majesty of nature, offering you a piece of its eternal beauty.

This artistic voyage began in the margins of my notebooks, through the corridors of my high school's art room, to the stages of musical theater at university. A transformative summer painting the faces of radiant drag queens led me to Los Angeles, where I studied makeup for film and photography.

Despite my passion, the city's rhythm was out of sync with my soul, guiding me to a serene island in Southeast Alaska. It was here, amidst the raw wilderness, that I found my true sanctuary, allowing my creativity to flourish.

A pivotal, life-altering event introduced me to silversmithing—a craft that became my solace and, eventually, my passion. Ten years of self-taught dedication have deepened my love for this art, continually inspiring growth and discovery.

My journey has also embraced yoga, meditation, and the energetic healing of crystals and stones, intertwining these practices with my craft. This integration has cultivated a jewelry line that is not only inspired by nature but is intuitive and spiritually aligned.

My work is a dialogue between the Earth's treasures and my artistic vision, creating wearable art that carries a piece of the soul. It's a joy to share this journey with you, offering pieces destined to find their way to those meant to cherish them.

Thank you for spending time and space here while I share my story.

Love & Light,

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