Let’s all Send our Love & Strength 🌟✨

Let’s all Send our Love & Strength 🌟✨

 Let’s all Send our Love & Strength 🌟✨
A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of three Oregon Sunset Jasper cuff bracelets and expressed that I would love to tell you the story when the time was right. Just before the family boarded a plane yesterday in preparation for a major surgical procedure for their seven-year-old daughter, they visited my house and asked me to photograph them and their bracelets. Not only that, but they wanted me to share a little bit about her journey and hope that anyone who hears their story can shower them with love, prayers, and light during these trying times. The following is written by Brynnleigh’s mother, Rachel. 💛💛💛

“Brynnleigh, our sassy 7-year-old OI warrior, faces a major surgery this Wednesday due to her battle with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bone Disease. Our journey involves regular visits to Petersburg Medical Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital, where we navigate the challenges that come with OI. As we step into this New Year, we’re grateful for the support of our found family in Petersburg and Washington.

We’ve been blessed with custom bracelets gifted from Sheri Wikan, handcrafted by Erin Kandoll. Each bracelet, adorned with Oregon Sunset Jasper, symbolizes strength and courage for Brynnleigh’s upcoming medical journey. Yellow, representing OI, shines with optimism and resilience, infusing our warrior with the energy needed to face these trials.”

Quoting Vincent Van Gogh, a favorite artist of Brynnleigh’s mother, ‘How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.’

Yellow hues in these jaspers symbolize hope and inner strength, like the dawn of a new day. They carry a message of vitality, courage, and healing—illuminating our path with their radiant energy.

As Brynnleigh prepares for this surgery, let’s envelop this beautiful brave young girl, her bonus grandma, bonus parents and support systems in a blanket of prayers, love, and healing light. Please share & Send your good energy their way, uplifting them in these trying times.

Together, let’s be the sunshine in their journey. ☀️💛✨
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