Imagine gifting more than just jewelry – offer the allure of creation. For the one who cherishes authenticity and bold expression, choose a stone that speaks to their soul. Together, we will transform it into a piece that resonates deeply – a ring, pendant, cuff bracelet, or earrings. Whether close by or connected virtually, we’ll embark on a quest to find that one perfect stone for your unique someone. Gift not just a piece, but an experience, a journey of creation adorned with nature's beauty, tailored for those who tread their own path and leave a trail of elegance.

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To give you an idea of our journey together, here’s what to expect:

Booking and Waitlist:

Upon deposit of a Designer CollaborativeCustom Experience, I’ll be in touch through your contact information provided at checkout, I’ll need a little more information from you. Next, you or you’re recipient will be be automatically added to my waitlist. I'm currently booking projects up to 6 months in advance though if you need something sooner, please don't hesitate to let me know. I can try to accommodate wherever possible.

Choosing The Perfect Stone:

Once your name is secured on my Customs List, anticipate a personal reach-out within 1-2 weeks to embark on a journey of selecting the stone. My collection is a curated treasure trove of stones, each handpicked from esteemed lapidaries, celebrating a diversity of shapes, sizes, and the finest quality. Together, we'll uncover the stone that resonates with your vision.

Feel free to dive into my previous designs for a glimpse into the types of stones or specific hues that captivate you. I'll present a curated selection based on your preferences, and through a delightful exchange of photos – via Direct Message, email, or text, as you prefer – we'll zero in on your ideal gem.

Your Turn Comes Up:

As your name nears the top of the list, I'll send an email to inform you about your upcoming scheduling window. I might have a few extra questions for you.

Designing Your Piece:

This is where the magic happens! We'll discuss your vision and start to bring it to life! You can find more detailed information about pricing in the Custom Order Agreement. 

I can't wait to start this creative journey with you or your loved one.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through our Contact Page. Together, let's craft something truly special that speaks to your story!