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Ethereal Guardian Collection

My May collections are constantly inspired by the spirit of the Valkyries, channeling their essence and the powerful energy that ushers in the summer months. It's bold, it's vibrant – a celebration of strength and protection embodied by turquoise and the Valkyries alike. Just like the unfurling fronds of ferns, it's a testament to the excitement and inspiration that summer brings.

Launching 5.25.24 @ 12 Noon PST.

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Symbolism in Design

Valkyrie Vine Chains

Embrace the enchanting blend of whimsical elegance and bold strength with my new Valkyrie Vine Chains. This chain features two intricately intertwined leaves at the center, symbolizing unity and resilience.

Each necklace is adorned with unique, one-of-a-kind gemstones, dripping gracefully from the heart of the leaves. The Valkyrie Vine is designed to sit beautifully along the clavicle; this necklace embodies the harmony of nature's delicate beauty and the empowering spirit of the Valkyrie.

Make the Valkyrie Vine Necklace a staple in your collection, a perfect fusion of timeless design and individual uniqueness.

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